Beneficial Management Practices

BCCAF provides cost-shared funding to eligible producers and supports the training of certified crop advisors and agrologists as well as information sharing throughout the agricultural community. The objective of BCCAF is to support farmers in adopting beneficial management practices (BMPs) that store carbon and reduce greenhouse gases, specifically in the areas of:

  1. Nitrogen Management
  2. Cover Cropping
  3. Rotational Grazing

These practices also provide other environmental benefits such as improved biodiversity and soil health. Other activities to support the adoption of beneficial management practices, such as outreach, education and training are also supported.

Eligible Participants

All farms in BC that are able to implement a prescribed BMP and have the ability to cover 50% of their project costs are eligible to apply for BCCAF funding. Applicants must be appropriately registered, licensed and/or certified to conduct business in British Columbia. Each BMP must be reviewed and approved by a registered professional agrologist.

Applications will be accepted by IAF in June and September of 2022 and 2023.

Note: Funding is intended to increase new adoption of BMPs; farmers cannot receive funding for a BMP if it is already in use

Note: Funding is intended to increase new adoption of BMPs; farmers cannot receive funding for a BMP where it is already in use.

Funding Opportunities

A complete list of eligible and ineligible project activities will available shortly. They cover three primary BMP categories.

  • Nitrogen Management
  • Cover Cropping
  • Rotational Grazing

See below for additional details.

Eligible farm businesses can apply for a maximum of $30,000 of cost-shared funding in Nitrogen Management, $30,000 in Cover Cropping and $20,000 in the Rotational Grazing category.

The cost share ratio is 50/50 for all BMP categories, meaning that 50% of the eligible costs for approved projects can be covered by BCCAF funding, up to the maximum funding amount for that category. The remaining 50% must be provided by the applicant.

Nitrogen Management

Eligible Costs:
  • Regular fertilizer and inhibitor price difference
  • Plan, assessment, design work and consultancy fees and cost of other agronomic support/technical training
  • Soil testing and soil mapping costs
  • Offsetting higher cost of synthetic fertilizer substitutes (manure, compost, digestates), where applicable and higher prices of fertilizer in the spring if applicable

  • Seed and planting costs to increase legumes in rotation
  • Cost of fertilizer application equipment and equipment upgrades to allow for banding, side dressing and injection
  • If transitioning to manure, costs associated with spreading, using hoses or equipment for shallow incorporation (to avoid volatilisation)
Ineligible costs, Limitations and Explanations:
  • Costs related to the management of nutrients other than nitrogen are not eligible

  • In the case of transitioning to manure application, only costs associated with broadcasting of manure are eligible (only activities, and related costs, that
    incorporate manure in the soil are eligible)

Cover Cropping

Eligible Costs:
  • Costs related to agronomic services

  • Seed costs with regionally and commodity appropriate seed.

  • Cost of planting
Ineligible costs, Limitations and Explanations:
  • Costs for cover crops where growing and leaving cover crops undisturbed over-winter is not new and has been a routine practice used by the farmer
  • Costs related to mechanical or chemical termination of the cover crop
  • Fertilizer and crop protection costs
  • Costs related to rejuvenation of existing forages, pastures or hay land

Rotational Grazing

Eligible Costs:
  • Costs related to rotational grazing infrastructure (e.g. cross fencing, wildlife friendly fencing, temporary fencing, and waterers, including remote watering systems when powered by renewable energy)

  • Improved pasture composition (seeding costs for alfalfa, sainfoin, etc.)

  • Grazing management plans, technical assessments or engineered designs

Ineligible costs, Limitations and Explanations:
  • Perimeter fences if construction is not aligned with grazing plan

  • Removing or replacing old or existing fences

  • Non-renewable power sources such as generators

  • Used fencing materials
  • Texas gates
  • Portable livestock corral panels

  • On-going maintenance


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