Nitrogen (N) management is critical for your crops and challenging to do well. But how can you manage N to meet agronomic and environmental goals? Implementing Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) for N management can help!

What are N management BMPs?

A management practice that reduces the environmental risks of introducing excess N into the environment, while meeting the operational/agronomic needs of the farm.

There are two ways excess N can enter our ecosystem with potential for harm:

  • Into waterways as nitrates
  • Into the atmosphere as potent greenhouse gases

What are the benefits of using BMPs for N management agronomically?

  • Input costs
    • Use N management BMPs to get the most out of your N inputs (more into your plants, less lost into the environment) and avoid applying more fertilizer than needed
  • Yield
    • N management BMPs include using the right N source at the right rate, time, and placement to optimize plant uptake of N, giving you good yields with more effective use of inputs

Is there a one size fits all for N management in BC?

Nope! Different farms and ranches have different needs and BMPs must be selected individually. The good news? There are lots of BMPs to choose from to suit your farms or ranches needs.

Find out more about N management BMPs:

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