This field day was held at Covert Farms Family Estate, where they implement regenerative farming practices of minimal soil disturbance, keeping the soil covered, multi-species cover crops, diverse crop rotations and integrated livestock to ensure future generations have an ever-improving environment. They experiment with cover cropping both as a test site for the Summerland Research and Development Centre’s research but also their own diversity research.

Cover cropping is a method of planting that helps build healthy soil and can be practiced in any farming operation. When carefully chosen and managed properly, cover crops can benefit production for farmers and help mitigate climate change.

Thank you to our guest speakers and host farmer Gene Covert and Dr. Mehdi Sharifi as well as the many Agrologists who provided support to farmers at this field day.

To help hear some of the questions from folks standing further away, turn on the captions on YouTube.

This field day was organized and filmed by FarmFolk CityFolk.

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