Calling All Agrologists!

BCCAF will support farmers in adopting beneficial management practices (BMPs) that store carbon and reduce greenhouse gases, specifically in the areas of:

  • Nitrogen Management
  • Cover Cropping
  • Rotational Grazing

To apply for cost-shared funding, BMPs must be recommended by an Agrologist. Applicants can also apply for cost-shared funding to access agronomic and advisory services.

Opportunities for Agrologists:

The Investment Agriculture Foundation (IAF) is compiling a list of Agrologists with expertise in the BMP focus areas and who are interested in recommending BMPs and supporting applicants to the BCCAF program.

To sign-up as a ‘Preferred Agrologist’ for BCCAF, Agrologists must:

  • Be registered through the BCIA and be in good standing
  • Advise/recommend Beneficial Management Practices for farmers specifically in the areas of Nitrogen Management, Cover Cropping, and/or Rotational Grazing
  • Submit an online form with your contact information, geographic location, and area of expertise
  • Agree to IAF sharing your information with interested farmers and applicants

Training Opportunities for Agrologists:

BCCAF funding will also be available for Agrologist training to support the adoption of Beneficial Management Practices. IAF will be partnering with different delivery agents and organizations, including the BC Institute of Agrologists, to provide this training. More details will be available soon.