Apply for Cost-Shared Funding

Eligible farm businesses can apply for a maximum cost-shared funding amount within each BMP category over the 2022/23 and 2023/24 program years.

The cost share ratio is 70/30 for all BMP categories, meaning that 70% of the eligible costs for approved projects can be covered by BCCAF funding, up to the maximum funding amount for that category. The remaining 30% must be provided by the applicant.

BMP Category Maximum Amounts:

Nitrogen Management: $30,000

Cover Cropping: $30,000

Rotational Grazing: $20,000

Eligible Activities & Expenses

Nitrogen Management

Eligible Costs:
  • Regular fertilizer and inhibitor price difference
  • Plan, assessment, design work and consultancy fees and cost of other agronomic support/technical training
  • Soil testing and soil mapping costs
  • Offsetting higher cost of synthetic fertilizer substitutes (manure, compost, digestates), where applicable and higher prices of fertilizer in the spring if applicable

  • Seed and planting costs to increase legumes in rotation
  • Cost of fertilizer application equipment and equipment upgrades to allow for banding, side dressing and injection. If applicable, costs for using equipment and the associated fuel required for the additional fertilizer application

  • If transitioning to manure, costs associated with spreading, using hoses or equipment for shallow incorporation (to avoid volatilisation)

Cover Cropping

Eligible Costs:
  • Costs related to agronomic services

  • Seed costs with regionally and commodity appropriate seed.

  • Cost of planting

Rotational Grazing

Eligible Costs:
  • Costs related to rotational grazing infrastructure (e.g. cross fencing, wildlife friendly fencing, temporary fencing, and waterers, including remote watering systems when powered by renewable energy)

  • Improved pasture composition (seeding costs for alfalfa, sainfoin, etc.)

  • Grazing management plans, technical assessments or engineered designs

Application Details

What to know before you apply:
Finding your soil order number:

You will need your farm/ranch soil order number. To get the number visit the Government of Canada’s Soils of Canada site.

Not sure how to use the tool? The IAF Team created a tutorial demonstrating how to use it. (some small updates to the Government’s application have been made since we made this video – you can now search a street address!)

SLC Map Instructions

Once you have located the approximate location of your activities; click the map on that location. A text box will appear, please use the Soil Order number on the first page that appears. (Please note you may need to move the map to see the text box.)

Find an Agrologist:

IAF has compiled a list of Agrologists that have indicated they provide consulting services and are registered with the BC Institute of Agrologists. Interested producers should contact Agrologists directly for assistance. Click here to view the list.

Application Process

Applicants will apply through the IAF Client Portal. The application process will generally consist of:

REMINDER: Do not wait to start this process – it can take up to two business days to validate your organization!

  1. Go to the IAF Client Portal
  2. Create a personal profile (name and email)
  3. Provide organization information, including:
    • Name
    • contact details
    • type of organization
    • BC ID / CRA numbers
    • primary contact
    • and more

Select BC Climate Agri-Solutions Fund from the Funding Opportunities menu on the IAF Client Portal, and provide:

  • Project activities
  • Project expenses
  • Project funding required
  • Soil order number
  • Project lead

During the application window, the IAF Team are available to answer any questions regarding eligible activities and costs. Applicants can contact bccaf(at) with any questions about the program.

Applicants are encouraged to include only activities that they are confident will be completed on time and within budget limits.

Application Evaluation Process

All applications received by the deadline will be reviewed and evaluated based on applicant and activity eligibility and feasibility. If an application has not been reviewed by a Professional Agrologist prior to submission, then the application will undergo an additional technical review. If funding requested exceeds funding available, applications will be processed in order of receipt. Funding decisions will be communicated as they are made, but no later than one month following the application close date.

Need help with IAF’s Client Portal?

We’ve created a number of tutorials and FAQs about the IAF Client Portal to help you navigate this resource successfully.

Notifications & Obligations

Funding Notifications and Contracts

If an application is approved, IAF will inform the applicant of the details of the decision and any associated terms and conditions via email. The applicant will then receive an approval letter which outlines the obligations of each party to receive program funding. If an application is not approved, the applicant will be informed via email. Funding decisions will be communicated as they are made, but no later than one month following the application close date. To see your project’s status, visit the IAF Client Portal.

Funding Acknowledgements

Communications and marketing activities, including public announcements or social media posts regarding project funding must be pre-approved by the IAF Communications Team. For more details: BCCAF Funding Acknowledgement Requirements.

Changes to Contracted Projects

If you are not able to complete your project within the allotted timeframe, you may re-apply in the next funding window. We are not able to grant extensions to approved projects in this program.

Tax Considerations

Funding received by farmers for the adoption of Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) through the BC Climate Agri-Solutions Program are considered a “farm support payment” by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Payments received through this program are considered income for the farm business and are subject to Income Tax. IAF will provide an AGR-1, Statement of Farm-Support Payments slip for all recipients who receive payments over $100.

Reporting Requirements

Successful applicants must complete a final report prior to receiving funds from the program. This report must be filled out and submitted to IAF to be considered for funding reimbursement. It is important the final report is submitted on time and with all required information. Please retain all invoices and receipts, you may be asked to submit some or all of the receipt/invoices following a review of your final report by the IAF Team. Expenses will be reimbursed based on audited receipts, the approved project budget and the corresponding cost-share ratio. All reporting will be completed via the IAF Client Portal.



BCCAF will be reopening in 2024/25.

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Have a project underway?

Visit the IAF Client Portal to learn the status of an existing application or to submit a report on your approved project.

Program Guide

For a PDF version of the program details please download the Program Guide.

Project Resource Hub

Visit the BCCAF Project Resource Hub for resources about reporting, client portal, and funding acknowledgments.